Talk to Dylan is a talk show created by Dylan, Matt, and Justin – three teens from Tennessee.

We hope to get a real site soon, so we can do lot’s of cool things you can’t do for free (as teens, we don’t have much money. but we take donations 🙂 ).

Everything we do with Talk to Dylan will be posted to the blog, so check in often to see what’s going on.

If you have an idea for a show, or just have questions or comments, E-mail us at takl_to_dylan@hotmail.com (takl is right – talk was taken. we want our own site!).

sit back and enjoy the fun!

Who we are

Dylan – Host and Funny Guy
since Dylan doesn’t type unless he’s on MySpace, we are still waiting on his bio.

Matt – Camera Dude and Other Funny Guy 
since Matt doesn’t like to do much, we are still waiting on his bio.

Justin – Geek and Third Funny Guy 
(yeah, I do the blog and video) I am proud of the fact that I am the most humble person involved in this project :D. but really, this wasn’t my idea – it was all Matt and Dylan. I just help edit it and put it on the web

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